“DevOps age has transcended the scope of development and operations to a whole new level. Security must not be an afterthought in DevOps. Instead, it needs to be prioritized. When the entire gamut of security tools is well synchronized with DevOps, most security tasks can be done seamlessly in the same pipeline used for application development.

If there is something that has kept the corporates on guard to ensure survival in the DevOps-first world, it is the desire to achieve a strong security posture. Negligence in security can doom businesses. As the demand for DevOps is skyrocketing so does the…

“DevOps encapsulates a plethora of cultural and technical approaches that bridge the gap among development, and operations teams with an objective to amplify the team’s collaboration, boost productivity, and enhance efficiency.”

DevOps isn’t just a fad but here to stay for a long while. Period.

The IT landscape has embraced DevOps for innumerable reasons, one of which is its ability to empower enterprises to develop and deliver products at such a pace as otherwise far-fetched traditional software development methods. …


Every aspect of the corporate society is now transitioning into the virtual space with the physical-to-digital movement. Cloud computing services are often known as the centerpiece of the IT domain have become a go-to technology for businesses looking for agility, flexibility, and transparency. Forward-looking businesses leverage cloud strategy to develop a foundation for implementing plans that further promote the environment of innovation. Still, there are a few popular myths that need to be cleared out. Debunking these myths is imperative for organizations to thoroughly enjoy the benefits that the cloud can offer.


Cloud is a power-packed technology that…

The business world is shifting towards the cloud native infrastructure. Tech-savvy organizations are looking forward to leveraging game-changing technologies like cloud native to get a competitive edge. Cloud native is an approach that is transforming IT to design and deploy applications that capitalize on the native cloud capabilities to boost resilience, improve agility, and enhance elasticity. As merely being in the cloud is not enough, cloud native development has become necessary to future-proof your business. These architectures allow organizations to capitalize on the power of the cloud to deliver highly Agile, automated, and available digital solutions.

Cloud native approaches fast-track…


Cybercrimes are getting more polished and cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated with every passing day. This has made the IT landscape riskier than ever before. The internet-driven world is fascinating but equally challenging when it comes to security and you can not afford to adopt a lethargic approach by underestimating either cybercriminals or cybercrimes. This blog is aimed to provide valuable insights into the various different cyberattacks that you must be aware of.


The pace and intensity of cyberattacks will continue to take the front seat in 2020. It will not only have an impact on an industry’s security…

In order to provide some valuable insights with which you can outperform your peers, we have compiled a list of the top 10 worldwide IT predictions 2020 as stated by Frank Gens. He is the Senior Vice President and Chief Analyst of IDC. In the latest IDC FutureScape report, he discussed some of the significant developments that can alter the dynamics of the technological landscape, and make the enterprises aware of the ever-growing digital economy.


The digital economy is booming like never before with digital transformation shaking the world. It’s no surprise that by 2023, around 52% of the…

Artificial intelligence is no longer a buzzword that confines only to science fiction movies. AI has taken a huge leap from the virtual world and has straightaway landed in our real lives. It has left deep imprints across all the domains, verticals and functions around us, which is quite evident to everyone.

“From smartphones, smart home devices, and social media feeds to navigation services, music streaming, Video games, and online ads network, AI is omnipresent”.

As 77% of the consumers are already well versed with artificial intelligence, in this article, we will be focusing on how to use AI in…


With mobile phones gaining tremendous traction, BYOD getting a huge acceptance, and mobile-first approach spurring high, mobility has made quite an impression in this mobile-driven world through its mobile-centric approaches. We have compiled a list of benefits of enterprise mobility which you should know.


Technology has fostered digital transformation. Both budding or top-notch enterprises are on their toes to maximize business efficiency. Enterprise mobility is all about sharing data and information through mobile phones.

As the world has become a global village for business houses to flourish in the best possible manner, mobility acts as a prerequisite. …

Gone are the days when traditional business tactics used to hold influence over your potential customers. The digitalization is on its full-fledged disruptive spree. You are bound to fall behind in the race if you don’t live up to the customer’s expectations. With that mindset, tapping the opportunities associated with mobiles certainly seems promising in this world where the command is falling in the hands of tech-savvy millennials.

The current decade has encountered a radical change in the usability of mobile phones. Industry 4.0 has led to a paradigm shift in our perception of mobile phones and their importance. This…

Amidst a lot of hue and cry about ever-increasing security concerns, excessive security measures, and security strategies, did you know that in the last few years, security breaches have increased by 67%? Cybercriminals are on their terrorizing spree. As the world is going mobile, they now have a plethora of opportunities to exploit security loopholes, and mobile apps are one of them.

Cybercrime is the biggest enemy of this digitalized world. It can cost the world a staggering $6 trillion annually by 2021. …

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